What is an off-grid homestead? What does it mean to design and build a house that lasts generations? What does it mean to have a house be comfortable and keep its occupants warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without using a lot of energy, and keeping the air healthy and clean inside, that can resist fire? What does it mean to have an unlimited amount of gravity fed water, so that no power is required to get the water into your house?

These are a lot of the answers questions that we are going to answer over the next 12 months as we follow the progress of our construction project in North Carolina that we're calling the off-grid homestead and we've spent about two years designing.

These are elevations of the Barn and Community House Living Pods for the Off-Grid Homestead, North Carolina, #OffGridHomesteadNC

off-grid homestead zombie-proof

The on-site water spring is tapped and collection tanks are collecting and distributing water. In one of the next videos, we will watch our permaculture contractor install the spring water system.


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