We are building an off-grid homestead in the blue ridge mountains of North Carolina, that we spent the better part of the past two years designing. One of the first things we did, is tap the spring and build the off-grid, gravity fed, spring water system.

This...is the delicious fresh spring water coming down from the mountain and the pipe from the spring going to work their way down the mountain to a big tank about 50 feet down the trail. From that tank, the water will go down the mountain to the bottom, where there will be a high lifter pump that will push the water around the mountain, where we have two large storage tanks at the top of a hill. From those tanks it will run down back down the mountain by gravity into the house and provide all drinking water for the house and all entire property. Here is a schematic drawing of the complete water system of the project, designed and installed by Shades of Green Permaculture of Atlanta, Georgia.

Off-Grid Homestead Water Permaculture


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