Off-Grid Private Residence

Off-Grid Hideaway Residence

The Blue Ridge Mountains Near Franklin, North Carolina

This is a private weekend residence made up of a main cabin, guest cottage, outdoor pavilion and equipment barn. All utilities will come from, or be generated on the 300-acre site. Water will come from one of several on site springs found at a higher elevation than all of the buildings. A hydro-electric system powered by the rapid flowing stream on the property will provide all of the electricity for the buildings on the property, with the exception of the barn that will have its own photo-voltaic solar power system to generate its power. The hydro system will also be backed up by a small photo-voltaic solar power system.

The cabin and guest cottage will both be built using exposed wood frame construction, leaving all wall and roof framing visible to the inside. This will be accomplished by putting all of the control layers (water, air, vapor and heat) on the outside of the structure. In place of either OSB or plywood structural sheathing the buildings will be wrapped with 1x6 v-groove or ship-lap siding material, so that what is exposed is an attractive finish.

The exterior cladding will be a charred wood siding, known as shou sugi ban, on all three buildings. All windows will be triple pane, aluminum clad "modern" push-out casement windows by Marvin. Wood floors and solid hardwood stair treads will give the interior its aesthetic warmth, and a ductless mini-split heat pump system will provide the thermal comfort, with a contemporary style wood stove for ambiance.

The house will be insulated with six (6") to eight (8") of uninterrupted exterior rigid rock wool insulation that will wrap the all sides of each building, including floors, walls and roofs. They will be built to minimize air leakage through the envelope using best practices of air sealing and moisture management. The product and method used to achieve the continuous water, air and vapor control layers on the outside of the ship lap siding is a liquid applied air and vapor membrane.

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